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The dates indicated below could be the first widely known documents for this county. Williamson County vital records can be found at the Tennessee Department of Health VDH Office of Vital Records which has copies for copies of birth certificates, marriage licenses and divorce decrees.

There is a fee for each copy requested. Please refer to the information to the Statewide Vital Records in Tennessee for current fees and application process. Federal Population Schedules for Williamson County can be found for , , , , , Williamson Co. Mortality Schedules can be found for , , and Generally they listed the white men first, and then the "colored. This census will tell you the person's parent's birthplace which can be very useful in determining where an enslaved person's parents were born.

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It also identifies whether they attended school during the year and whether they are able to read or write if over age The oldest Census when we would expect to find most African-American ancestors is in the Census; this was the first census after the Civil War so it is a very important one for African American genealogists. Generally, the male head of the family was listed first, followed by the wife and then children.

Free People of Color. When researching, remember that some of your ancestors may have been free black citizens — so do not assume that they would not have been counted in earlier census documents and automatically stop at It is possible that you descend from free people of color. Free people of color appear in every Williamson County census dating back to Census records for slaves.

Below is an example of the slave census of the slaves owned by Eli A. Waters in Williamson County. The first column shows the number almost always a 1 , then the age, the sex either male or female and then the color either black or mulatto - i.

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The small number 2 at the bottom right denotes that he provided two dwellings for the nine people he was enslaving. The Slave Schedule is the only one that counted the number of dwellings; the Schedule did not capture this information.

It is not AT ALL a sure bet, but if, for example your ancestor was a man with the last name of Waters, born in and identified on later census records as mulatto living in Williamson County and born in Tennessee - you might be able to guess that he was the 1-year old infant mulatto boy on this slave census record. Your case would be even stronger if your ancestor had a brother who was 2 years older than him the 3 year old boy and perhaps other relatives that might fit into the profiles here - perhaps the 20 year old black female or 22 year old mulatto female is his mother?

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That's the kind of detective work that is required to piece your family back together. East Subdiv. Down the left hand margin of the page the census taker will sometimes particularly in later years write the name of the street that your ancestor lived on, and then the house number if any.

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Additionally, the census will tell you whether your family members were renting or owned their property. The census column 8 indicates the value of real property land owned by each person. The census column 25 , census column 26 , census column 7 , and census column 7 indicate whether the person owned "O" or rented "R" the home or farm. As you are looking at old maps, be sure to remember that street names often change - for example Franklin Road has been called the Nashville Highway, and the Nashville-Birmingham Highway.

Natchez Street used to be called Baptist Neck. So keep these changes in mind as you look at the maps and do your research. Marriage Information and Records. Death Records.

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You can search the records for free here. T his is another good resource for learning more about the Freedmen's Bureau and the resources available. Freedmen's Bank Records. The Freedmen's Savings and Trust Company often called the Freedmen's Bank was established in to provide a safe place for newly freed slaves to save their hard earned money. Tennessee had two branches of a Freedman's bank at:.

I have identified over records that reference individuals with ties to Williamson County and have archived those records on my Flickr account which you can access here. Here's an example of one such Bank record for John Abbey who was born in Williamson County, Tennessee,and brought up "same. He gives the name of his father as Victor, but sadly gives no name for his mother and no name for his siblings. John Abbey, the young student whose Bank records we reviewed above, was attending school. Nashville had several African American colleges established in the years immediately after the Civil War.

Williamson County, TN Public Records

Their catalogues of students may contain helpful clues as to where your ancestors were and what they were doing. And if you look at the bottom of the page, another Franklin student - Moses Young was also in his class. Military Records I am planning another blog post specifically about the usefulness of military records in African American genealogical research - check back soon!

They can be a wonderful resource. Page from St. In many guides to conducting genealogy research, you will find references that African American slaves and their enslavers worshipped separately. And this was often true. Please consider submitting an individual marriage record from your family or transcribe data from a marriage book. How To Do This 1. For individual marriage records, licenses, newspaper articles about marriages, please send information to Darlene Anderson , or you may use the Record Submission Form to send in your data.