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New Jersey. New Jersey State Library. New Jersey State Archives. New Mexico. New Mexico State Library. New York. New York State Library. New York State Archives. State Library of North Carolina. State Archives of North Carolina. North Dakota. North Dakota State Library. North Dakota State Archives. State Library of Ohio. Ohio Historic Society Archives and Library. Oklahoma Department of Libraries.

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Oklahoma State Archives and Records Management. Oregon State Library. State Library of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania State Archives. Rhode Island.

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Rhode Island State Archives. South Carolina State Library. South Carolina Department of Archives and History. South Dakota.

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South Dakota State Library. South Dakota State Archives.

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  • Tennessee State Library and Archives. Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Utah State Archives.

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    Vermont Department of Libraries. Vermont State Archives and Records Administration. Washington State Library. Washington State Archives.

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    West Virginia. West Virginia Library Commission. West Virginia Archives and History. Records related to existing or proposed security systems. Records that are protected from disclosure by other laws.

    Applicable Fees The Missouri Sunshine Law authorizes public agencies to charge fees for providing access to or furnishing copies of public records. How to Request a Record Step 1: Check with the records custodian to determine whether or not the information you need is available.

    Step 2: Submit your request for information in writing or fill out the Open Records Request form which can also be obtained at City Hall. Step 3: Most records will be produced within three 3 business days from the time the request is received. Although every attempt will be made to provide the information requested in a timely manner, some requests may be delayed or denied if: The request is unclear and should be submitted in more detail.

    Legal issues must be addressed before the records are released. The requested records are archived or stored off site.

    We Want Our Records Back.

    The volume of records requested is large and will take time to duplicate. The requested records do not exist. Deeds, deeds of trust, releases, easements, surveys, plats, restrictions, cemetery deeds, wills, road right of ways, articles of incorporation, patents, affidavits and marriage license information make up an example of the documents. Images of recorded documents are also available in some instances. Skip to main content.

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