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In other words, when employees are held personally liabable and personal assets are in jeopardy will this arrogance end. We keep seeing problems with municipal compliance with Public Records Act requests, but the worst problem is what we're not seeing. Sukumar prevailed in this case only because he knew what he was looking for—those "additional emails and photographs" which he was already aware existed—still had not been produced.

The rest of us have to take the word of whomever gets handed the hot potato that they'll give you all there is; and as this case shows, not even filing a lawsuit guarantees they will. So the issue is that we are forced to rely on the "good faith efforts" of those being investigated to comply with requests. Instead, we should have an independent office, like that of the city auditor, with no other duty except to ensure full responsiveness. I am former employee of the City I was a Whistle blower in the City against many unlawful conducts of the City As a result, during construction, contractors willfully "Over Charge" the projects in such situation and submit many Change Orders and abuse other over charging techniques.

In such situation, many supervisors and inspector with confidence on the so called "Sufficient Budget" of the projects, do not properly inspect the quantities, change orders and invoices.

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Fortunately, this case had a lawyer who knew just how to word the request. For ordinary citizens, by the time you get it and it doesn't turn out to be what you were expecting , months have gone by, and the information is all OBE. Will changes will be made by the city? I don't think so. My name is Farhad Bastani. I am former employee of the City. City willfully withheld information and causes "Calculated Delays" during litigations.

I had repeatedly opposed this conduct of the City in two 2 different cases but I was a Pro Se Plaintiff and the judges did not take me as a serious party in litigations.


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In my latest lawsuit against the City she and another Deputy City Attorney, Keith Phillips, committed "Abuse of Judicial Process" to cover up and conceal the committed serious unlawful conducts. It is a very corrupted organization. I was a Whistle blower against the conducts of the City against "Public Safety" and "Public Record Act" and they fraudulently set me up for terminating my employment. There are many irresponsible managers in the City who have caused too many injuries and damages to the people of San Diego. Password Forgot? Confirm password.

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  7. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. What could be more public than a public records request? This fall, the city has taken another course, declining to identify requesters. Watchdog Videos.

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    Sukumar v. City of San Diego

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