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How to Discover a Person's Birthday It comes by only once a year, and when it does, it is time to celebrate! Whether it's our birthday of the birthday of someone we know, there is something special about the day we were born, and celebrating birthdays has is a tradition that has been around for centuries. One of the best things about birthdays is getting the perfect gift from people we care about, but there are times where we are not really sure when is the birthday of people in our lives; when meeting new friends, going out with a new person, befriending a colleague, etc.

So, how can you find out when someone was born?

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And how can you get them the perfect gift when you do not know them very well? Read right here and find out right here! That way, you can get them a greeting card or send them a nice gift: 1. Search for their social media profiles — this is the first and most obvious method for searching for a person's birthday; by using social media, like Facebook, you can find out when someone's birthday is.

First of all, you will have to search for the person's profile before you look for their birthday. There are cases where a lot of people share the same name, so make sure you find the right one. Enter as many options into the name search field as you can.

Free Ways to Find Someone’s Age

After you find the person you are searching for, get into their social media profile and click "about," "bio" or any other available option. If you cannot find the person you are searching for, you can easily ask them to connect with you via social media and find out when their birthday is. Ask them directly — the direct approach is often the best, and if you want to find out about someone's birth date, you can simply ask them!

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Just make sure you don't do it out of the blue but work it into the conversation. You can lead the conversation to birthday traditions, birthday memories, and other birthday stories that will end up with you asking, "when is your birthday anyway? With lookup, for instance, you can enter a person's name into a search directory and get valuable information about them, including their birth date. With this search directory, you will get access to public records that contain, among other things, birth certificates. Some limit what data is available online, but Zabasearch is pretty good at finding information about people.

It only has access to public information but is a useful resource to try. Celebrity culture is all around us so starting a conversation about celebrities should be easy.

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Talk about any that you both like or admire and then slide the conversation around to their respective ages and birthdays. Then ask the other person if they have the same birthday as a celebrity.

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  6. If they say yes, they may tell you the date. If they tell you the celebrity but not the date, you can look it up later. You may think od other creative questions to get someone to indirectly tell you their birthday. The birth date is right there for you to see.

    source The Birthdatabase is a neat website that has birthdays of over million people on it. Visit the site, enter the full name of your friend and their estimated age and hit search. The website will check out everyone by that name and that approximate age and give you a list of returns. It costs money and is a little stalker-ish but gets the job done. Just discipline yourself enough to not look at anything else on the report aside from their birthday.