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I was not disappointed as the car lived up to it's hype in every aspect. First off, the fit and finish is as good or better than any of the more expensive European SUVs. The interior leather and detail are worth every penny spent for the Black Label edition. I'll update this review after I've had six months behind the wheel.

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A quality vehicle designed by true craftsman! All I can say is wow! If you are a craftsman, an artist, or someone whom appreciates true quality down to every detail; then new Lincoln Aviator is for you! The drive is quiet and smooth but when I need some real horse power to get up to speed fast this car can supply it.

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The exterior of the vehicle is gorgeous, but then step inside the Aviator and it feels like an aircraft cockpit with still the sense of being a car and not an airplane. Being my wife and I are both pilots were pretty amazed by the luxurious feel of the leather interior, piano key gear shift, the dials and buttons, the suede headliner, and functionality of the HUD works with polarized sunglasses even. The Co Pilot Plus package almost drives the car itself when engaging the adaptive cruise control with steering assist. The new adaptive air suspension really does make for a soft and luxurious ride, but wait your seats have massage with 30 way adjustments.

Throw the Aviator into Sports Mode and it will push you back into the seat. It took us a few minutes, but now that we have the seats dialed in they are so comfortable. Lincoln hit a home run on Aviator! My wife dropped off girl friends at the Ritz Lake Oconee, and when she parked our Aviator at checkin, the Aviator drew a crowd of admirers.

Comments about sleek design and luxurious interior were overheard. Reaction at the Ritz is consistent with what we hear elsewhere. Lincoln hit a home run with the Aviator.

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Vic wrote: "I interpret the description of the key FOB type RKE to say that the engine will crank and start, but then stall if the proper chip signal is not established. I "tested" the behavior when i created my non-chipped "mechanical" key. It happily cranked, and if helpful even fires a pop or two, then dies with "Start Err" on the screen. Last edited by autostaretx; at AM. Been thinkin' We may be able to check the operational differences fairly easily.

Tomorrow I will wrap my key handle with chip in tinfoil layers to see if I get a Start Error. Based upon how sensitive to position my broken key was, my guess is that I will get a Start Error.

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I will double check that my Start Error locks out my cranking immobilizes. That's what I remember, but Perhaps someone with the RKE function option can do the same and see if the 2 second stall delay figures into the Key remote FOB scheme as described. Edit: I think Dick edited his post and I didn't notice. So RKE cranks, but either half starts or stalls. Maybe we can make a bit more progress in understanding this beast. Originally Posted by autostaretx.

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Vic wrote: "I interpret the description of the key FOB type RKE to say that the engine will crank and start, but then stall if the proper chip input signal is not established. It appears to me that once "Start Error" has locked you out and is not recognizing your keys it might be worth clearing all the keys from memory and re-entering them. That may restore the handshake. If you can't start anyway then you have little to use. VA Powertrain Section page 2 3. Upon receiving this message the ECM will terminate engine operation or allow the engine to continue to operate.

This monitoring is called On-Board Diagnostics. After the self-test is complete, the SKREEM energizes the antenna this activates the transponder chip and sends a challenge to the transponder chip. The transponder chip responds to the challenge by generating an encrypted response message. The ECM will allow or disallow engine operation based on this message.

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The secret key and challenge are the two variables used in the algorithm that produces the encrypted response message. The diagnostic test procedure contains step-by-step instruction for determining the cause of the DTC as well as no trouble code problems. It is not necessary to perform all of the tests in this book to diagnose an individual code. This will direct you to the specific test s that must be performed. Procedures in this manual verify if the DTC is a hard code at the beginning of each test. When the fault is not a hard code, an intermittent test must be performed.

Refer to the appropriate schematic to identify shared circuits. Most intermittent DTCs are caused by wiring or connector problems. Features Options Specs Warranty. We turn our inventory daily, please check with the dealer to confirm vehicle availability. Color: Stock : VIN:. Submit Get Price Drop Alert. Term: 12 months 24 months 36 months 48 months 60 months 72 months 84 months. Monthly Payment:. Your Purchasing Power:.